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    FN contains nano particles of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) which have very unique physical property. Nano particles react with light to produce strong oxidant that clears organic pollution from the air and surfaces. This is called photocatalysis. TiO2 is harmless and commonly occurring mineral. It has been used as a white pigment in food, paints, medication, toothpaste etc. for over hundred years.

    Dental Super Clinic

    We have made the right decision by applying FN1 to our clinical hygiene suite. The professional application of the product was efficiently done, without disturbing our workflow. The microbiology lab test results from our walls and benches have come back totally bacteria-free. That is very reassuring for our discerning guests and patients, to know that our hygiene standards are above industry standards. The air freshness in the room has definitely improved, which is appreciated by our clinical nurses. Thank you for the opportunity to be the first healthcare facility in New Zealand to use FN. Dr Hisham Abdalla, owner of the Auckland Laser Lifecare Institute.

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    • Air cleaning technology provides for a cleaner and safer facility at Gastroenterology Consultants

      Gastroenterology Consultants (GIC) continuously aims to improve the quality of medical care through professional and technical advances.


      In December 2010, COLORLAK, a.s. installed FN2 in the kindergarten in Old Town (Moravia).

    • Veterinary Clinic:

      Veterinary clinic Dr. V. Fuchs describes his positive results after he used the FN1 Coating in his clinic.

    Cutting edge air cleaning technology

    FN Coatings represent the world's absolute pinnacle of current developments in the area of nanotechnology and in respect of its attributes and characteristics; there are no comparable competitive products.


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