• Photocatalytic technology is powered by light, works with UV, natural & florescent light.
  • Ready-to-use, easy-to-apply, high performance, long lasting effects and inexpensive.
  • Natural ingredients of TiO2, water and harmless binder make coater environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans and animals


  • Improves indoor and outdoor air quality.
  • Reduces surface and air biocontamination risk.
  • Reduces toxic chemical use.
  • Reduces cleaning & disinfection process time


  • Reduces liability.
  • Enhances asset value and company profits.
  • Inexpensive method of optimizing Sanitization Processes.
  • Reduces high costs in treating health problems from indoor and outdoor air pollution.
  • Reduces government’s high investment costs from solutions sought to air problems.

Industrial and exhaust exhalations, organic contaminants from plastics and many other substances around us are threat to human health and they lower quality of our environment. According to WTO, more than 15% of chronic diseases are caused by the bad quality of air. High percentages of allergies, spreading infections, bad odors or darkening of facades are a few examples of impacts of contaminated air. APL knows that Man is forced to protect himself can now do so with easy application of photocatalytic coats FN .
Self cleaning 

  • For interior and exterior self-cleaning applications
  • For exterior surface mold & moss protection

Air purification

  • Removes VOCs, NOx, and all other air quality pollutants that contact its surface
  • For the key components, filters, ducts of UV air purification equipment


  • For Epidemic (H5N1, SARS, MRSA) defense
  • For disease prevention after earthquake, flood, cyclone and etc.
  • For hospital, public room, home daily anti-bacterial treatment
  • For anti-bacterial surface treatment

Text Box:  Anti-mould & anti-moss 

  • Outdoor, for use on stucco, concrete, wood, marble, granite, metal, paint, panels.
  •  Indoor for use on walls, ceilings or where allergens are prevalent


  • For pet odour control
  • For garbage odour treatment
  • For tobacco smoke odour removal

Water purification

  • For fresh water fish tanks, holdings ponds for algae removal and disease control
  • For early stage cleaning of water for household use

Advanced Materials-JTJ Ltd. developed and produces special coatings marked FN® designed for highly effective photocatalytic air cleaning. Advanced Product Lab’s Exclusive License for Canada, allows them to market and sell FN® coatings. They are applied in a thin layer on wall surfaces, building structures, facades, roofs, wood and other materials. FN® represents second generation of photocatalytic coatings, nearly hundred times more effective than conventional products of the first generation, which are based on silicate, silicon or acrylate binders or  sol-gel.

Photocatalytic air cleaning and sanitary effect (exterior + interior)
1. Cleans air from harmful substances and exhalations.
2. Liquidates smog (cigarette and other types of smoke.)
3. Reduces concentration of oil vapors and bad odors.
4. Keeps surfaces clean.
5. The self-cleaning effect does not allow any deposits of soot of other sticky dirt on facades outside.
6. Stops musty deposits on walls in interiors.
7. Erases smell marks of insect.
8. Kills viruses, bacteria and spores.
9. Stops growth of mold algae and other micro-organisms.
10. Liquidates toxins from mites and dead bacteria.
11. Capacity of the coat - 1 m2 is able to eliminate over 50 kg/ year of organic compounds from the air.
12. At the common concentration of contaminants, one m2 of the coat will clean the air from kilograms of harmful substances within one year.
13. Reduces occurrence of spiders and webs.