FN products are photocatalytic coatings suitable for all common types of surfaces such as plaster, stucco, concrete or sheet-rock. The photocatalytic layers can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces. The photocatalytic effect, cleans the air of harmful organic substances including viruses and bacteria. As a side effect, all odors disappear from the room and paint remains white. The coating is active when illuminated by the daylight or an artificial UV light.

Suitable for all household interiors (kitchen, smoking rooms, restrooms, offices, etc). In case of mold or allergies coming from the air treat all available surfaces-ceiling and walls.
Creates sterile and sanitary environment.
• Suitable for bio-labs, hospitals, schools, offices and public buildings.
• Suitable for animal farms.
• Suitable for outside facades and exteriors.
• Protects facades from deposition of soot, dirt and oily deposits causing darkening.
• Protects building walls at the contact with the ground from green algae, lichen and moss.
• Automatic decontamination of polluted surfaces and the ground initiated by sunshine.
• Suitable for the army to decontaminate surfaces from assault substances (sunshine automatically decontaminates the surfaces without help of a man).
• Effective defensive and decontaminating detergent in case of bacteriological or chemical war.

Private Buildings:

HOUSEHOLDS – FN creates a clean and pleasant environment without allergens and odors. In addition, FN educes oil and fatty acids deposits on walls, windows and furniture.

BARS AND RESTAURANTS – FN eliminates cigarette smoke, cleans the air, prevents musty odors.

Public Buildings:

Hospitals, Medical/Dental Clinics & Labs, Nursing Homes, Schools & Daycares

FN provides protection of patients and personnel, clean air and create a sanitary environment. Toxins from the dead bacteria are also photocatalytically mineralized without poisoning the environment. Note: In combination with the UV germicidal lamps, FN offers double protection and complete elimination of microorganisms in biolabs, surgery rooms, oncology centers, etc.

FN lowers the risk of contagions, reduces the rate of diseases and remove odors and allergens from the air.


Public mass transit, school buses, commercial aircraft, trains, taxis, limos and the facilities they serve benefit from the continual reduction of touch point bacterial and viral loads. The concurrent reduction in airborne pollutants and odors is a major benefit of treating public transport and facility surfaces with FN Coatings.


Manufacturing Facilities:

Factories & Processing Plants

FN prevents and helps breathing difficulties; significantly reduces concentrations of allergens in the air including toxins.

Food Production:


ANIMAL FARMS – FN lowers risk of epidemics, improves air quality

ALLERGICS, ASTHMATICS – prevention and help to breathing difficulties; significantly reduces concentrations of allergens in the air including toxins from mites.