Ideal to use in the interior

  • Removes Asthma and Allergies triggers
  • Clears air from Pollution and Toxins
  • Clears air from cigarette smoke
  • Removes cooking and other odors
  • Removes Viruses and Bacteria
  • Stops Molds, Fungus and Mildew
  • Repels spiders and clears "fly spots"







"People spend in rooms up to 90% of their time and therefore it is vital that they breathe clean and health-friendly air. "

Air Treatment

FN3 also functions as an air purifier that in order to function needs only a daylight or fluorescent light. This means that it is inexpensive in terms of energy and helps to reduce your costs. It purifies the air and breaks down the odors, smoke, viruses and various carcinogens that can cause cancer.

The coating containing TiO2 was used in Italy, in Milan, on the PICADA project, where it managed to remove from the streets up to 60% of emissions and pollutants in the air. 1m² of surface coated with FN3 is able to clean such volumes of air, that these volumes are almost equivalent to the size of a football stadium, which is tens of kilograms of harmful substances.

U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has recommended the coating to dispose of viruses of avian and swine influenza. FN3 can greatly help persons suffering from allergies.

Viruses and Health

Significantly lower air circulation in air-conditioned buildings and possible flow of the air via plastic pipes make this even worse. It is estimated that up to 30% of air-conditioned buildings suffers from so-called syndrome of unhealthy buildings.

FN3 is an ideal product for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people who often suffer from diseases of viral or bacterial origin. FN3 is clearly appreciated by companies. The application of the nano coating in the office reduces the costs associated with air conditioning and purging the air.

FN3 greatly reduces the risk of spreading any disease by air, thus significantly reducing staff fluctuation. FN3 will help medical facilities to improve the air that the medical staffs as well as patients breathe. Any risk of spreading disease by air is limited.

In general, FN3 is suitable for places with high concentration of people, for example, schools, airports, bus and railway stations, banks and similar places.

Surface Protection

Thanks to recent research in the field of nanotechnology, FN3 will protect your property against fungusi, algae, surface aging, allergens, viruses and bad smells.

Cigarette Smoke and Animal Smell

If you keep a pet at home, you can certainly smell it inside. The smell of a house pet is almost certainly present everywhere inside and throughout the interior. FN3 removes and breaks down any animal smells, as well as smell of urea. Also, if a member of the family smokes or you receive guests that smokes, the technology in FN3 will decompose the smoke, making sure there is no smell or residues of the smoke on your walls or furniture..

It cleans air and:

  • creates self-cleaning surfaces with long-lasting fresh appearance
  • slows the aging of the surfaces, to which was applied
  • antigrafitti effect
  • cleaning and protective effects of FN3 are high and long-lasting
  • this product is based on purely physical effects and is completely free of chemicals or solvents
  • prevents the growth of green algae, fungi and other microorganisms by non-invasive form on surfaces
  • disposes of odors and smoke from cigarettes, which has more than 4,000 toxic substances
  • disposes of organic waste products and allergens
  • destroys viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and spores
  • disposes of nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone and car exhausts residues
  • kills swine flu virus H1N1 and all its mutations
  • cleans air from phenol and formaldehyde
  • clean air from phthalates (plasticizers in adhesives, carpets, paint and plastics
  • it can oxidize toxic carbon monoxide CO, into harmless carbon dioxide CO2















FN3 is not a paint but it is a functional soft white coating (depending on number of applied layers applied).
It can be applied to already existing paint or plaster, and the color of the original paint lightens by about one degree. It is permeable, salt water and rain resistant. At the same time it is also frost resistant.

FN3 is up to 25 times more effective than coatings based on the photocatalytic paint silicate, silicone or acrylic-based elder, because the structure of connective binder does not block the active surface of TiO2 and allows its excellent contact with harmful substances and their rapid degradation.

FN3 removes harmful particles and creates a healthy environment. It is not harmful when it gets in contact with by humans or animals.


  • for all interiors (homes, kitchens, smoking rooms, etc.)
  • for areas with higher concentrations of people (stadiums, stations...)
  • toilets - the smell of urea is decomposed and broken down
  • Kitchens - higher efficiency than the extractor
  • to create a sterile and sanitary environment (hospitals, medical institutions)
  • florists - removes ethylene from air, which gives plants signal to age - wilt
  • cellars - deprives them of mold
  • Walls - antigrafitti effect










Application and maintenance

FN3 is a water diluted suspension that is environmentally friendly and contains no organic solvents. Application of the coating can be either by spray, roller or by brush. The active surface of this nano coating does not require maintenance. To ensure its functionality only daylight or artificial lighting is required.