FN also functions as an air purifier. Thanks to the photocatalysis it deprives the air of allergens, microorganisms, viruses, carcinogens, nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone and car exhaust pollutants.

Photocatalytic layers are suitable for those types of allergies that are caused by the presence of organic substances and also by the presence of mites, whose droppings (strong allergens) it disposes of.

If your asthma is the caused by any irritable particles in the air (aldehydes from plastics, spores, organic pollutants, smoke, dust mites, sprays and their irritating odors, cigarette smoke, viruses, etc.), then these coatings will help.

Carpets, pillows, curtains and soft furnishing are perfect depositors for such particles which can become airborne and when inhaled into the nose or lungs, can produce allergic symptoms. A room ceiling coated with FN can remove most of those triggers in within 24 hours.