A simple explanation for a wonderful product

FN1 and FN2 contains nano particles of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) which have very unique physical property. Nano particles react with light to produce strong oxidant that clears organic pollution from the air and surfaces. This is called photocatalysis. TiO2 is harmless and commonly occurring mineral. It has been used as a white pigment in food, paints, medication, toothpaste etc. for over hundred years.

In simple terms FN clears the air and surfaces in the reaction triggered by day light or its soft UV-A equivalent. One ceiling is capable to remove tens of kilograms of all kinds of different pollution from the air each year and treated walls and roofs stay much cleaner for much longer.

In more technical terms

When TiO2 is lit by the day light or 365nm UV – A soft light, the electrons e- on the valence band are excited and transitioned to the conduction band. This move creates positively charged holes h+. Those holes on the valence band then generate active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals with high oxidation power which reacts with pollutants and dirt to mineralize them.

The effectiveness and efficiency of this process in all products is determined by the amount of the “naked” nano particles exposed to the light energy. Up to now all similar products had this exposure highly blocked by the product binder to only about 2%. This is the main reason why concrete and paints with added titanium dioxide did not work well enough. In simple terms, if the light is blocked from TiO2 by the binder, the photocatalysis do not take place.

Our product FN is very different. Our scientists developed special binding formula and technology that enables FN to have active surface area (exposure of “naked” TiO2 nano particles) of 75% or higher. This makes FN an industry leader and the most effective photocatalytic product available. Product is patent protected world-wide and despite misleading and false claims by some "competitors" no one to date was able to match this.

There are three types of crystal structures in natural titanium oxide: the rutile type, the anatase type, and the brookite type. We use anatase type in our product – Degussa P25. The conduction band in the anatase type is closer to the negative position than in the rutile type; therefore the reducing power of the anatase type is stronger than that of the rutile type and it provides highest photocatalytic activity.