Very Easy - Roll or Spray as finish coat on the top of the normal paint

What you need to know before you start:
  1. Read and follow instructions.
  2. FN2 is recommended for ceilings and top parts of the walls. 1m2 of painted wall is capable to clean the air of kilograms of pollutants per year!
  3. FN2 is transparent on most colors. It is recommended to test apply on small area first.
  4. For best result in interior applications, rooms with no or very little day light access should be lit with UV-A light, sometimes called black light. This can be purchased as standard bulb or fluorescent tube.
  5. Do not apply either of the products on clay based paints or clay based plasters! (those are extremely rare).
  6. FN1 is semi-transparent with white shade and may affect non white colors. Most of ceilings are white and will not be affected. If you are not sure, test apply the product on small area first.
  7. Rolling or spraying is best way to apply FN.
  8. Note that the product is very thin and runny and needs "shaking hand technique" if applied by spray. Only use HVLP spray gun.
Application Instructions
  1. Do not dilute or thin the product.
  2. Clean the surface before applying FN.
  3. Shake and mix the product well. When you think it is good enough shake it more.
  4. Do not apply if the ambient temperature is below 5 °C.
  5. Apply thin layer without soaking the surface and let it dry.
  6. Apply second and third layer. Let the surface dry before applying each layer.
  7. To achieve desired effect 1 L must be used to cover 10m2 (optimally in 3 or more layers).
  8. For better anti-graffiti protection apply 4 or 5 layers and reapply after graffiti removal.